This is what I learned after I implemented the Mentoring Concept on my team in my first year as a Head of Team Software Engineer

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The Mentoring Concept is a culture that most Big Tech company doing right now. but most of the companies (the main business did not run side to side with tech, and tech only support them) who have a Software Engineer Team who support their business did not have a culture that Big Tech company has. and maybe a new or small startup or even a medium startup did not have this good culture too. this information at least that I know from most of my friends who work at the Software Engineer Team in Indonesia.

So, whoever you are, if…

This is my first year as a Head of Software Engineer from a senior lead programmer. this is a story from technical to management and people development and of course on the pandemic year

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I really learn a lot from my first year of being a Head of Software Engineer in my companies. but I only have 3 months of experience to work with my team in the office face to face, because after that, the world gets the pandemic. so this is what I learned to lead a team in a pandemic world. we work from home from May 2020 until now, and maybe the WFH will be extended to 2022.

Technical Things that I Learned

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Are you an early programmer who made apps for your own project? or are you a programmer who made your own project in your company? do your boss want you to improve the apps but maybe you didn't know what you need to do? or maybe you are a Young CTO who wants to improve your MVP(Minimum Valuable Product) on your own startup? Whoever You are, maybe this is a good improvement for your apps or your project

Why should we need to improve our apps with Cache?

I really love the concept of “Start With Why”. so I will tell you Why first. as you may know, a database…

Hey, I’m Richard and I’m an IT Tech Lead, you can call me anything. and this is my absolutely not perfect Article

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I want to be a writer since I'm a teenager, but I don't have any courage because of my fear of other's opinions. Yup, I’m a perfectionist or maybe you can call me a social perfectionist. I have just known about myself in this year (2020) that I really think about other expectations or other opinions about me, and yes and it makes me stressed. I want to change my behavior because it's toxic for me.

I want…

Richard Simarmata

Just an average IT guy who knows a few things about a few things

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